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Herbal Glamping Resort, Ljubno ob Savinji, Slovenia

Herbal Glamping Resort impatiently awaits to reveal its story in whispers. A story, where a luxurious and extravagant architecture has been carefully placed into a natural oasis of peace, laced with herbs on every step and surrounded by their aromas. In addition to being architecturally accomplished and carefully placed within the natural environment, the interior of the glamping tent will excite you in terms of comfort and technology, with the highest level of prestige and perfect privacy.

Natureplac ‘Na Skali – Ljubno ob Savinji, Savinjska, Slovenia

Sleeping in a Kočura Hut, in a tent equipped with a mattress and bedding.Kočura Hut represents an element of local heritage experience, a custom a timber rafting style accomodation. Sleeping in unspoilt nature, listening to the murmurings of the Savinja river.  Wonderful places are available and you can choose among them yourself according to your intent of the visit to our Naturplac ‘Na Škali’. We hire out our own tents with sleeping bags.